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With over eight years of working and advising across web3, tech, fashion, eCom, entertainment, and oil and gas, Lena Grundhoefer is the Founder of ZEITG3IST, a globally-renown strategy and digital marketing agency.

She has worked with various publicly-traded accounts, international brands, and quite a few Series B-funded startups.

Today, she advises Fortune 500 companies hoping to pivot into web3 as well as startups.

Jan. 23, 2023

E35: Social Media Strategy, Advice for a 12 year old, Web 3, and goin…

In this episode, Jim Doyon sits down with Lena Grundhoefer, founder of ZEITG3IST, a marketing and strategy agency, to discuss the important topic of delegation and outsourcing for growing businesses. Whether you're... See show notes at: https://www.remotestartpodcast.com/e35-scaling-your-business-and-the-importance-of-delegation-and-outsourcing-with-lena-grundhoefer-of-zeitg3ist/#show-notes

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