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April 4, 2022

E05: Music and Work

In this episode, I’m very excited to talk about music and how it helps while you’re working. I want to share with you walking through my paths with music. Music can use in a way that's different than just listening to it. I’m very happy to dig...
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In this episode, I’m very excited to talk about music and how it helps while you’re working. I want to share with you walking through my paths with music.

Music can use in a way that's different than just listening to it.

I’m very happy to dig into these things and tackle how music became involved in my work while accomplishing different goals within my business.

So, let’s dive in and listen now!

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What is up, Remote Start Nation! Let's get something started. I'm Jim Doyon and I wanted to welcome you to another episode of remote start, where I bring you stories and strategies on how to start a business, build a brand and create your desired lifestyle.

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This episode is going to be a little different than normal, and honestly, I'm really excited to do it, it's about music and most of the time I'm going to try to stick to the course and I'm going to give you strategies give you stories from experts and how they've gone on their journey to help us on whatever episode is that the topic that we're talking about, but every once in a while, I'm going to throw stuff out there that are just think is interesting, that's been on my mind that I think you might be able to utilize in your day-to-day, it's it might be off subject, but I think it's cool, and I think it's switches up a little bit and I think you'll enjoy it. So bear with me on this, and as always, I look forward to your feedback, I'll be curious to hear from you Remote Start Nation on some of the music you listen to, and we’ll get into that a little bit more in detail, but as always, leave a comment, email me or even DM me on social, I'd love to hear it.

You're also going to hear me ask guest on the podcast about this topic. I'm very interested to know what they listen to while they're getting work done, and you know, what kind of music gets them pumped up, what kind of music that they listen to when they're trying to focus, and so we'll get into that a little bit more but that's kind of what this episode is about and I'm excited to share it with you, so, we'll get started, and again, it's not I just don't want to talk about music as a whole, I absolutely love music, I've been involved in music since I was a kid, I played piano with ink addict apparel, my last brand, I was very involved in the music scene, in fact, I started our brand like really getting out in front of people going to live shows, I absolutely love that, I love meeting the musicians and really understanding about them and the music behind it, and I would listen to anything, any kind of music, it doesn't matter to me,I like all kinds of music, but this episode and what got me sparking my interest to talk about this and share this with you is that lately, I've really been using music in a way that's different than, you know, just listening to it, I've been, adding it to my routine, I've been listening to different genres of music to do different things, accomplished different goals within my business. So I wanted to share that with you and see, kind of if you had the same thing going for you and you know what you thought. Music fascinates me, and so, I think this is again, a fun topic and I'm excited to share it with you. And something else, music brings back memories. I love that about it. And as I was writing this out and so many times I have a big smile on my face because I'd be thinking about, back in the day when I listen to music and you know what, it kind of meant to me at that time and what I look at it now and a couple things that came up that I want to share with you is like, Leaving Las Vegas with a big group of high school, buddies and heading up to our cabin and Utah where we would go snowboarding all weekend and have a blast and the whole way up or listen, to punk rock and hip-hop and rap, and just putting us in the perfect mood to have a blast all weekend, and then, you know, the same at night while we're hanging out, it's the same thing or getting ready for a soccer match when I was in high school or college and going through a pregame routine and listening to Pennywise through headphones, which just gives me so pumped up in such a good mood to get out there and play and just dialed in, and I remember going through and, going through a mental routine where I'm envisioning myself being on the field and tackling somebody and going, I didn't score much, so I never went out and it focused on scoring but it was always on the defensive side or you know, starting a play and directing from the back and all these things we go through my head as I'm warming up for the game while I'm listening to Pennywise which at the time and pretty much still is my favorite band and then even more recently when you know in the office as a company for a while we were putting on hip-hop and I think we called it like hip-hop Fridays, but it's rap and hip-hop from the older days and Tupac and Biggie, and Jay-Z and all the good classic artists, so many but the it just set the mood in the office to another level. So I always look back at that and it really made me smile, and while I was doing this and getting ready for this episode, I wanted to research a little bit because I knew obviously that I love music and I know talking to so many people, music such an important part of their life, but I want to know a little bit more about it and I found out some really cool stuff that kind of I knew but like just kind of backed my thoughts even more. So in the end like, I guess what I found out was research shows that listening to music can do a couple different things.

Number one, it can reduce anxiety. It reduces blood pressure, it reduces pain, another, a couple other things, it helps to improve sleep quality, it improves your mental awareness, it puts you in a better mood, I know that for me, happens all the time and it improves your memory, so it's kind of cool to see that something we can enjoy so much actually has such positive effects on us. Furthermore, different genres of music affect us in different ways, I think we know these. I'm not going to listen to Punk when I'm sitting down with my wife on a nice romantic dinner, it's going to be Frank Sinatra or something else that you know sets the mood more of a nice relaxing day maybe some indie music, something along those lines, but each one of these different genres affects us in different ways and what it does is it causes different Cascades of hormones and it triggers different neurons to fire differently in our brain, so it's kind of cool to think that and it's even proven that music can be used as a tool to engage our brain throughout the aging process and actually help to slow that. So scientifically, it's good for you, but I want to know that is how this relates to you, Remote Start Nation in your day-to-day. For me, like I said, I listen to music constantly, love it, a lot of times it's my background music, obviously, traveling the country with my family, we're listening to music constantly in the truck between podcast that I listen to my earbuds or, you know, as a family, my daughter's running DJ, you know, her choice of music is obviously way different than mine, but I'm still open to most of it and I enjoy it but it's always changing depending for us on the mood, will do karaoke in the car, and  everybody's getting into it and jam it out and I absolutely love it, but as I said, my moods always changing with the music and vice versa. If I'm working on the business and doing a mundane task, right? If I'm replying to emails planning out my schedule, it's usually something I'm going to listen to that's like upbeat, upbeat energy level something to get me going almost have the same effect as like caffeine, you know, that could be a lot of different things, I'll listen to upbeat, tempo music, I listen to even like house music, I'll listen to rap, hip-hop metal, it goes on and on, but if I'm trying to focus, if I'm actually trying to get down and if I'm writing something, if I'm doing a proposal, sending emails, looking at reporting metrics for my company, completely different selection, it's going to be something without vocals or you know, piano classical and it's never same, always trying to switch it up, but you know lately it's been this classic piano playlist from Spotify, it's like my go-to routine in the morning when I'm after I set my schedule and I know I need to get done for the day, it's usually getting right into the thick of things with some classical piano and starting to knock it out for the den, I love that. And then on a Friday, I kind of do what we used to do in the office, turn up the energy stuff I can sing along too and have a good time with, so something I've recently started doing my routine, is adding music to it like I just said, and it's something every morning, it's like I wake up, I start the coffee again, my earbuds on because everybody still sleep in an RV, 400 feet square feet, you can imagine, I couldn't listen to it without my earbuds on without waking everybody up, but I'll put on something kind of upbeat, gets me going for the day and then start to go from there.

So Remote Start Nation, I want to hear from you, what do you listen to when you're working? Do you listen to something different, is it the same person time and time again, the same band, do you have a favorite that you just go to, are you listening to podcast, is it quiet, you have to have quiet, what is it? What are you listening to? I really want to know, let me know, keep me posted on it. Give me a message, whatever it is.

So that's it, short, sweet to the point, again, no strategy, I just want to know, what do you listen to when you're working, what is it, who is it? Let me know so I can add some music to my repertoire and I want to know what it is, that gets you going. So with that, Remote Start Nation, I'm out, but want to thank you again for listening and joining in on this journey, I've got some exciting interviews and solo episodes coming up, so stay tuned, subscribe, and until next time.

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